Friday, February 7, 2014


Polls Open at Beverly High School 7 am- 8 pm

Finally, the special citywide vote on Brimbal Ave. rezoning is here.  It is very important to have a great voter turnout for tomorrow's special vote.  This is an opportunity for your voice to be heard as a citizen.

A "No" vote = no rezoning of state owned land and no land swap with developer, CEA

A "Yes" vote = the rezoning of state owned land and a land swap with developer, CEA, and a Whole Foods market.

I intend to vote "No" tomorrow.

Here are a couple of points to consider when voting:
  • The land in the Brimbal Ave. area can and will be developed regardless of the rezoning/land swap
  • The original motivation to swap land with CEA was to move the existing connector road further south, essentially being built on the old land fill that CEA currently owns
  • Constructing a new connector road on the old landfill has recently been discovered to not be economically viable
  • Beverly can make infrastructure improvements with grant money regardless of the rezoning/land swap

Here is a sample ballot for tomorrow's vote.  Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns: or 978-473-9891

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Get out the vote! Saturday, Feb. 8th!

Special citywide vote
Saturday, February 8th
at the Beverly High School
 7 am-8pm!

The special vote on Saturday, 2/8/14 will allow the citizens to decide to rezone land on Brimbal Ave. or not.
I will continue to post information, including a sample ballot over the next week or so.  Please, make the effort to vote on this issue on February 8th.  Feel free to contact me with questions at or facebook.

If the land is rezoned:

  • Commercial development will be allowed on the land (closest to 128) currently owned by the state
  • CEA and the State will swap land
  • CEA plans to build a Whole Foods on the land
  • The road connecting Sohier Road and Brimbal Ave. may be moved further South (crossing the land currently owned by CEA, a former landfill site)  (see newest study by Jacobs Engineering below)
  • Beverly will receive a 5 million dollar grant to fund infrastructure improvements at this location
If the land is not rezoned:

  • Development will still take place at these locations as they are zoned, just no commercial development by right
  • CEA will not build a Whole Foods market
  • Beverly may still receive a 5 million dollar grant to fund infrastructure improvements as long as the improvement proves to support economic development
Here are some useful reports and illustrations of the Brimbal Ave. project.  The most recent Jacob's Engineering project shows alternate plans to make improvements without moving the connector road.  If the connector road is not moved there is no real benefit to the rezoning (and land swap) of the state owned land.

Current zoning and proposed change

Newest Jacobs Engineering plan: not to move the connector road 
Proposed road improvements